September 26, 2021


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Webinar Recap: How Companies are Becoming Licensors – License Global


License Global’s webinar ‘What Do Licensees Want?— I Want to Buy the Brand’ covered how companies are shedding the traditional license agreement and purchasing the brand, or a whole company outright, often keeping their core business category for themselves and even becoming licensors for additional categories. The panel of licensees-turned-brand owners/licensors detailed what it was like buy companies, but most importantly, how to find these kinds of opportunities.

Panelists included Michael Rinzler, executive vice president and partner, Jazwares; Juli Boylan, global head, outbound licensing, Spin Master; Cindy Levitt, senior vice president, licensing, Mad Engine; and Vincent Nesi, co-founder, managing partner, Icarus Capital Group.

Moderator Steve Heller, Esq., founder, The Brand Liaison, opened the conversation by asking panelists why a company may want to take on a brand.

“Our company is always looking to diversify,” says Levitt. “Specifically, to reach a different customer we weren’t reaching in the [with] street brands. We thought it would be a great idea to find brands that were very forward trend looking so that we could then bring that and arch that over into our regular licensing for mid-tier and massive regular retail.”

The conversation turned into what positive signs companies look for when purchasing a brand.

“It’s timing,” says Rinzler. “You have to look at what’s the right thing to do at the right time.”