September 26, 2021


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Van Meter Bulldogs fueled by runner-up finish in 2020 as they take the field in 2021 – Local 5 –

The Van Meter Bulldogs' loss to OABCIG in the 2020 1A Championship has stuck with the team. They've .......

The Van Meter Bulldogs’ loss to OABCIG in the 2020 1A Championship has stuck with the team. They’ve used it as fuel for their 2021 season.

VAN METER, Iowa — “Oh, it was quiet. You didn’t want to be there you can remember it just sitting down with your head down thinking about every single play every single thing you could have done different,” said senior Chris Schreck.

Last year’s championship game had a finish that could have taken Van Meter two directions. One, sulking and bitterness, or two, a new drive to be even better.

“This offseason was a lot different. Coaches said it, we said it everybody was really determined this offseason and everyone knew we had something big to work towards,” said quarterback Jack Pettit.

It’s not like the Bulldogs haven’t seen success before. The seniors on this team are 34-3 dating back to their freshmen year and finished runner up back-to-back seasons.

“To come up short two times in a row like that was something you don’t want to see and something we don’t want to happen again,” said Schreck.

That means the Bulldogs can’t dwell on it.

Senior Corbin Barck said, “It’s not the same team and we just have to work every harder and focus on week one and that’s all we can really focus on right now.”

Fortunately, the Bulldogs return plenty from 2020.

“There’s a lot of …….