September 26, 2021


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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties’ On Netflix, A Reality Series Where A Family Of Realtors Sell High-End Properties In Paris And Europe – Decider

The Parisian Agency: Unique Properties (unique title: L’Agence) is An exactity collection Regardi.......

The Parisian Agency: Unique Properties (unique title: L’Agence) is An exactity collection Regarding the Kretz househprevious, who runs An exact property agency out of their huge Paris-space house, promoteing luxurious properties to extreme-curler consumers. This new Netflix collection will curlease the Kretzes displaying properties not solely in and round Paris however in completely diffelease superb spots round Europe.

Opening Shot: Basic scenes of Paris. A graphic says “WELCOME TO PARIS” in large letters.

The Gist:  Co-founders Oliby way of and Sandrine Kretz have launched their three grpersonalup sons — 31-yr-previous Martin, 29-yr-previous Valentin and 25-yr-previous Louis — on board to the agency One after The completely diffelease. A fourth son, 16-yr-previous Raphael, Continues to be In school however jokes thOn the househprevious converses Tons about exact property that he might joInside the agency and be On prime of factors immediately.

It’s clearly A particular expert environment, the place the brcompletely diffeleases joke round with Every completely diffelease, and Arrange their 87-yr-previous grandmcompletely diffelease Majo on a senior courting website. Neverthemuch less the properties Are not any joke.

One shopper, Lisa, is the CEO of her personal lingerie company. When Sandrine meets Collectively with her, Lisa specifies that she Desires to discover A mannequin new house and office space On The identical time. She prefers previouser houses As a Outcome of of their allure. Her price range? A mere 8 million euros. When Valentin reveals her A up So far house, accessible by A ship up the Seine, she likes its luxurious touches (a retractable pool!) however hates how chilly It is. A Nineteenth-century mansion is extra of a match, regardmuch less of the “masculine” primary toilet, however she nonethemuch less Should Search out office space and Sandrine has ancompletely diffelease shopper sniffing round.

But as extraordinary the flats And houses they promote in Paris are, Olivier and his sons drive 50 km outdoors of metropolis to tour a citadel that has a redesigned inside, As a Outcome of of its proprietor, a well-knpersonal designer. That is typically a “huge whale” itemizing that comes alongside solely each few yrs, and Martin and Olivier are Eager to get the itemizing — and its huge potential fee.

Photograph: Netflix

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Promoting Sundown however in Paris, with out The primary controversies or intercourse converse (It’s rated Tv-G).

Our Take: The Parisian Agency: Unique Properties will give a warmth and fuzzy feeling to anyone who love exactity exact property reveals Simply like the aforementioned Promoting Sundown or Bravo’s Million Greenback Listing. It’s shot like these reveals, have The identical dance-pop soundtracks, And luxuriate in state of affairss Which will or Might be not truly exact.

One factor we respect is thOn the Kretz agency is exact, They typically method they work together appears easygoing and pure. Whereas this is a loosey-goosey office, it constructive as heck isn’t The identical state of affairs as, say, Jeff Lewis has Arrange in Flipping Out, the place anyone who Includes work for him Ought to be ready for inappropriate dialog at any second. No, this is a househprevious, They typically act like a househprevious.

Valentin, For event, has taken a surrogate paleaseing position with Raphael, Who’s 14 yrs youthful than He is. “His grades are my grades,” he says. That Sort of closeness is one factor That you merely Want to see on exactity reveals, Because it’s real, not one factor thrpersonal together by producers. Can It is much less eventful than strangers yelling at Every completely diffelease? Typically. But you by no means know when househprevious strife is uncovered for the cameras to see. And the extremelight reel of the upcoming season reveals up thOn there Shall be househprevious strife.

The properties are The sorts That you merely Take A look at and fantasize about strolling by way of, a lot much less dwelling in. The expansive drone photographs and completely diffelease views of Paris and space just make us Want to return and lease out some pretty flat as an Airbnb.

Sex and Pores and skin: Aside from exact property porn? Nofactor.

Parting Shot: Despite having to disappoint Lisa, The fact thOn the mansion purchased prompts Valentin to bang the gong they hit wheby no means They’ve a sale. Sandrine mentions That Every one fees are Chop up amongst the househprevious in an effort to make the office a cooperative environment.

Sleeper Star: Majo, Little question. She’s prepared to shave ten yrs off her age on her courting profile, and doesn’t seem all that dissatisfied when her profile doesn’t get any hits.

Most Pilot-y Line: This is true of any exactity curlease in ancompletely diffelease language: You don’t understand how a lot faster pure language is than scripted language till You must Adjust to subtitles on a overseas-language exactity curlease.

Our Name: STREAM IT. The Parisian Agency: Unique Properties is A pleasing-enough diversion, particularly given how interesting the Kretz househprevious is and The lovely properties they curlease.

Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about meals, leisure, paleaseing and tech, however he doesn’t baby himself: he’s a Tv junkie. His writing has seemed Inside The mannequin Ny Occasions, Slate, Salon,,, Quick Agency and elsethe place.

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